Mon, 08 Oct 2007

All right, after some hard hours and debugging I could introduce you Optimus—microformats transformer. In short, it transforms HTML to XML or JSON. I would like to send special thanks to John Allsopp for inspiration, support and hosting, Brian Suda for idea with XSLT and Cameron Adams and Kevin Yank for inspirational speach at Web Directions ’06.

  WebDU, WebJam & More

Fri, 04 May 2007

I haven’t written a thing on my blog for ages, a bit slack I agree. But don’t think life has passed me by during this time. Actually, a lot has been happening. WebJam 2 for instance. I presented my latest JavaScript game (IE ignored) and my Flickr™ bookmarklet to those who attended. It was a great event… Pity I didn’t win again… :( Making matter worse is Lachlan just announced another WebJam which, unfortunately I cannot attend. It’s a shame.

In other news:

At the recent WebDU 2007 Web Developers conference I had the honour of giving a presentation on Microformats. You can view the presentation as a PDF. Surprisingly my talk received a lot of interest among peeps and as a result I met a couple of great guys.

As part of the conference WebJam 2½ was organised and was quite funny, frankly it was the funniest WebJam so far. I presented my Conference Schedule Creator which fitted in well with my Microformats speech the day before.

Upcoming Events:

As I mentioned previously I won’t be able to attend the next WebJam, but fear not my friends, I will be updating my blog with something that is sure to amaze.

On August 1st–3rd I will be giving a talk at the Open Publish Conference about mushups, APIs and stuff like that, hope to see you there.