Raphaël 0.6—Animation and More

Thu, 08 Jan 2009

Now, when I finally updated the documentation page, I feel ok to introduce you to Raphaël 0.6. So, what is new in this version?

  • Ability to set rotation, translation and scale via attr method
  • Ability to set path via attr method. That means now you can change path without redrawing it. The only thing you have to learn how to write path string in SVG documentation for path data syntax
  • New method animate, which takes three parameters: new attributes object, milliseconds and optional callback function
  • rotate method now has optional isAbsolute parameter which make it rotate object to specified degree, not by degree.

You could see the test demo and chart demo.

Also I created the Google group for Raphaël, so if you need some support or have feedback, please join the group.