Web Directions South ’08 Wrap Up

Tue, 30 Sep 2008
WDS08 Dmitry Baranovskiy

The amazing week of Web Directions is over. This year was significant for me, because I did a smooth move from listeners to speakers. My session was pretty good, without “Oh, shit!” moments and tricky questions. In fact questions were very different, yet very simple to answer. I’ve put together slides from the presentation on slideshare. All the demos are on Vimeo.

I should also mention that I won third prize at Web Jam 8 with my Raphaël presentation. You can watch video of it on Vimeo.

It also was nice to catch up with lots of people from virtual world of Internet. This was the first year when I am actually missed a lot of folks and didn’t chat with them. Sorry, I haven’t done it on purpose. The conference was too short and I can’t stay for after‐party. Looking forward for Web Directions South ’09. See you there!