Mermaids & Fishermen

Mon, 03 Aug 2009

Imagine the ocean. The ocean where live mermaids and lots of fisherman are chasing their luck. If you ask mermaids and fisherman about ocean they will tell you the same story: “I love ocean. Ocean is my home. I live in breath of the ocean only…” etc. But in fact their approach to ocean is very different. Fisherman care only about money they will get for fish. Ocean is just a big reservoir for them. For mermaids it is truly their home. They care about balance and purity of the ocean. Some fishermen don’t even believe that mermaids exist, some haven’t even heard of them. Fishermen can’t see the ocean as mermaids do, some of them tried: put their head under the water, everything is blurred, they can’t breathe. Pull head back. Never did it again. Some mermaids are tempted by the money they could make as a fisherman, but they lost their magic and become just “yet another fisherman”. Fishermen are winning. Huge tankers crossing the ocean and are taking enormous amount of fish from the ocean ruining the balance. Mermaids can’t stop fisherman, because they talk different language and can’t understand each other.

This ocean is called “the World Wide Web”.

There are web developers, who care about web, standards, semantic, accessibility, etc. They are mermaids. And there are web developers, who care about result only. If the web page is a soup of HTML, inline CSS and inline JavaScript, that’s ok as long as performance tests show us that it is even 0.5 ms faster.

Who are you? Fisherman or mermaid?