New Gig

Thu, 3 May 2012

Adobe Badge So, I’ve started new page in my career. In a great company with great products and great history, but most importantly with great opporunities for me to make impact on the Web. That’s what I always wanted to do: change the Web. Raphaël shaped the Web a little; as much as a niche JavaScript library can. It’s mission is not over yet, but I have desire to hit a bigger drum.

I started my work at Adobe as Senior Computer Scientist. I will work on Web Standards and represent Adobe at W3C. Instead of just complaining about how something is bad or ugly, I hope, I could actually change things. Or create new things that wouldn’t be ugly, right?. We shall see. Either way, I am excited to turn around this corner and see what is waiting for me over there. There is a great team of people deeply passionate about web standards and I am lucky that I could work alongside those people. And, by the way, we are hiring. Do you want to change the world too? ;)