Raphaël 1.4

Fri, 07 May 2010

So, Raphaël 1.4 is released with couple of new features:

I added resetScale method, which will reset scale counter on the object, so next time you will scale it, it will happen absolutely, not relatively.

Scaling text is not supported. I added partial support in 1.4: now position of the text will change, but not the actual size.

Fixed annoying long lasting bug in IE for rectangle with rounded corners. There are couple of other bugs have been fixed.

New method drag was added, due to huge demand. Now you can make something draggable as simple as: element.drag(onmove, onstart, onend); I will update documentation soon, but so far you can take a look at the updated demos.

Last is the big one: multitouch support, now all mousedown, mousemove and mouseup are replaced with touch event handlers on touch devices. In additon drag method will allow you to drag multiple objects at the same time. Watch the video. Or try the demo yourself if you are lucky iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad holder.