We need to talk

Wed, 22 Jul 2009

I am very lucky person. I met personally so many great people, like Cameron Adams, John Allsopp, Lachlan Hardy, Russ Weakley, Tim Lucas and many more others who, I hope, will forgive my laziness. The problem is, I don’t remember when last time I was talking to any of them (except Lachlan who is my colleague at Atlassian). We proud of our community, we see each other on conferences and other events, but there is no time to talk there. I mean really talk, share ideas, search for advice, etc. This is only possible with some limited amount of people in the room. I know these guys for at least two years and I have never really talk to anyone of them. Ever. This is very sad. What to do about it? The simplest way is to grab the person you want to talk to and invite him for lunch. Most of us are working somewhere near CBD, so we should catch up more frequently. Send an e-mail to person you know for ages and invite him/her for lunch. Everybody will win. Do it today.