WebDU, WebJam & More

Fri, 04 May 2007

I haven’t written a thing on my blog for ages, a bit slack I agree. But don’t think life has passed me by during this time. Actually, a lot has been happening. WebJam 2 for instance. I presented my latest JavaScript game (IE ignored) and my Flickr™ bookmarklet to those who attended. It was a great event… Pity I didn’t win again… :( Making matter worse is Lachlan just announced another WebJam which, unfortunately I cannot attend. It’s a shame.

In other news:

At the recent WebDU 2007 Web Developers conference I had the honour of giving a presentation on Microformats. You can view the presentation as a PDF. Surprisingly my talk received a lot of interest among peeps and as a result I met a couple of great guys.

As part of the conference WebJam 2½ was organised and was quite funny, frankly it was the funniest WebJam so far. I presented my Conference Schedule Creator which fitted in well with my Microformats speech the day before.

Upcoming Events:

As I mentioned previously I won’t be able to attend the next WebJam, but fear not my friends, I will be updating my blog with something that is sure to amaze.

On August 1st–3rd I will be giving a talk at the Open Publish Conference about mushups, APIs and stuff like that, hope to see you there.